Developing a passion for reading

We have now trained over 60 Reading Champions who work in over 20 schools across North Lincolnshire, supporting children on a 1:1 basis to developing their reading skills and a passion for reading for pleasure.

Reading champions

By volunteering for as little as 1 hour per week, during term time, you can become more engaged in the local community and transform the lives of struggling children.

Benefits of reading include: stimulates the mind; improves knowledge; expands vocabulary; sharpens writing skills; hones critical and analytical and comprehension skills; improves memory; boosts concentration; feeds the imagination; reduces stress; provides entertainment and much more.

Further to supporting all the above the Reading Champion programme has many other benefits too. Socially, pupils benefit from forming relationships with their champion. The champion is a positive role model and for many of children this time will be precious - it may be the only 1:1 time they get with an adult during the week!

Literacy is linked to life expectancy through a range of socioeconomic factors. People with poor literacy skills are more likely to be unemployed, have low incomes and poor health behaviours, which in turn can be linked to lower life expectancy.


Words from the Children

I really enjoyed my experience with the North Lincolnshire Children's Literacy Trust because they taught me a lot of words and fun facts. Another thing, is that they have made reading fun and I love waking up on a Thursday.
- Paige
I really enjoyed North Lincolnshire Children's Literacy Trust coming because we did an Easter quiz which was all about reading. Also, I learnt how to play scrabble. I'm always excited when it's Thursday because we get to read and play games.
- Tom
Reading with Diane has definitely made me want to read more. I really enjoyed reading to Diane and discussing words with her. I have had a great experience and I have definitely started to love reading.
- Caitlin
When North Lincolnshire Children's Literacy Trust came, I really enjoyed reading new books I have never read before. Ever since I started Reading Champions I want to read more books to upgrade my knowledge.
- Honey-May

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