Big Memories with little babies


Neonatal Book Gifting

The North Lincolnshire Children’s Literacy Trust has teamed up with The Health Tree Foundation for the neonatal book gift scheme at Scunthorpe's Neonatal unit.

Helping families bond

As part of the scheme, parents whose babies are being cared for will be given fantastic literacy packs, including a copy of the award-winning book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, song booklets, audio downloads and gift bags. Education officers from North Lincolnshire Council will provide staff and train volunteers to help parents make the most of their packs.

The innovative project aims to highlight the importance of communicating and reading with babies. Studies show that sharing stories and rhymes with babies from an early age stimulates brain development while helping families to bond.

Establish a Bond

Talking and singing helps to keep babies calm and establishes a strong bond between parent and siblings when they can't be held.

Stimulate Development

Hearing their parents’ voice helps to stimulates brain development in premature babies.

Erin's Story


Born just 801 Grams

Erin was born at Scunthorpe General Hospital at 28 weeks and 3 days, weighing only 801 grams.

Mum shared with us that Erin was 9 days old before she was able to cuddle and hold her.


Bonding through reading

Mum found reading was a fantastic way to talk to Erin so she could bond, build relationships and recognise her voice, this also helped with including Morgan her older sister in their time on NICU.

Happy & Healthy

This is Erin now, a happy bubbly 2 year old.


TALKING & Reading

It’s never too early to share a story with your baby. This will help you bond with your baby, soothe them and help them get to know your voice.


Watch for your baby’s cues as the best time is when they are calm and settled.


Be close to your baby and use a gentle and soothing voice.


Because you will be helping your baby’s brain development, supporting their early language skills, and fostering a love of reading as they grow up!

The Gifted Book Pack

The gifted book pack includes:

  • Hard Back Copy of Guess How Much I love You
  • Singing Together CD with booklet
  • Gift Bag
  • Practical guidance, leaflets and resources, including: Wiggle and Giggle Baby Play Booklet, Building A Happy Baby – Guide For Parents and Imagination Library Registration Form
Cost of each pack £5